Serving young children with visual impairments
and their families since 1938

Home-based support and training provides comprehensive services to children/families. Home sessions allow professional staff to assess the family’s progress and needs within the context of the home. Intervention and training are customized using this information. For example, a mother may be having problems bathing the infant. The teacher will show the mother how to position the baby on a towel in her lap and to offer ongoing contact and soft talk for reassurance. If the teacher discovers that the mother is watering down the formula because of limited funds, the family will be connected to resources that will provide nutritional supplementation, e.g., Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program. During the home session, the teacher helps parents create a stimulating and safe environment. Blind Childrens Center’s parent mentor and family service providers also make home visits.

Upon enrollment at Blind Childrens Center, each infant/child is evaluated by a team of professionals which may include the Center’s Director of Education and Family Services, a specially trained teacher of the blind, a nurse, a clinical psychologist, family workers and specialist-consultants. The evaluations are used to determine the appropriate course of training and the developmental goals for each child. Additionally, at the beginning of every school year, the Center’s interdisciplinary staff develop an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) for each child which identifies the family’s issues and goals, and details the services to be provided through the Center. Having participated in the development of the NLS, the parents must approve and sign the plan.

5. Charitable Lead Trusts
The creation of a charitable lead trust allows you to pass significant assets on to your younger family members with little or no gift or estate tax payable to the government. Under this arrangement you transfer assets to a trustee who would then make annual payments to the charity for a specified number of years, after which time the assets remaining in the trust would go to your children, grandchildren, and others. For individuals in high estate and gift tax brackets, this trust means the opportunity to transfer substantial assets to younger generations completely or significantly free of transfer taxes, while benefiting the Center at the same time.

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