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Fail to Yield to a Blind or Incapacitated Person

This program also offers instruction training and help to family unit members and parents, including in-house help, to enhance their children’s achievement. The kids who take part in this treatment plan are far less unlikely develop a strong basis for accomplishment throughout their college years and to flourish in preschool.

The Blind Childrens Center is the only program in Wisconsin to provide center-based and home-based specialized infant and using this to yield to blind pedestrian and training for the children and extensive educational and social programs for the families.

Additionally, the Center’s publication program reaches families and professionals worldwide with information they would not otherwise have available. The Center also supports medical and applied research associated with early childhood vision loss.

The demand for Blind Childrens Center’s services continues to increase the awareness for yield to pedestrian ticket. The increase in the number of babies needing our services is primarily due to the improved survival rate among very low birth weight babies (under 3 lbs.), 23% of whom are severely visually impaired.

Research has established that up to 80% of all learning in the first years of life is acquired visually, primarily through imitation and exploration of the immediate surroundings. These are accomplished automatically by sighted children. Without special training, fully capable infants who are visually impaired may not learn to crawl or walk at an appropriate age and gross and fine motor skills will not properly develop. They may not learn to accept solid foods or to feed themselves. Their language development may be delayed. These children and their families need intervention and training in order for the children to progress through normal developmental stages and grasp basic concepts upon which future learning depends.

Goal and Objectives of Program
The goal of Blind Childrens Center is to provide a comprehensive program of specialized education and training which will optimize the blind or visually impaired child’s development and consequent opportunities to lead a meaningful and productive life. The goal of the Infant Program is to maximize an infant’s potential and lay the foundation for future development. The program further seeks to empower parents to build skills that enhance the child’s mobility, independence and self-confidence. To these ends, the program has the following objectives for infants: 85% will develop gross motor skills; 70% will begin to develop fine motor skills; 85% will have a reduction in feeding difficulties; 90% will demonstrate early language development; and 85% will develop age-appropriate social and communication skills. The program objectives for parents are: 75% will strengthen parenting skills which enhance their child’s development; 70% will demonstrate increased knowledge of childhood development; and 85% will utilize additional supportive resources.

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